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drizzle and light rain starting to develop. our highest rainfall total has been santa rosa at quarter of an inch and more than .1" in union city and oakland and just shy of that at concord. you can see the radar showing that, now, the cell that went over the golden gate bridge is over angel island and alcatraz. we have good radar runs headed to sonoma and headed if this direction the rain has moved away from mountain view and from the sunol grade you will have a better chance of light rain. it is moving from southwest to northeast for the bet radar return upextreme of the north bay. it looks like you will have a better chance of organized wet weather through morning hour but all of us have a chance of periods of rain through the morning commute with showers developing as we head to noon and they will be scattered in the afternoon hours and by 7:00 the dry public starts to move in with temperatures struggling in the 50's and 60's and we will be warmer tomorrow and breezy and warmer with a lot sunshine on friday and saturday. sue? >> in surprise with all the rain in the north bay we hav
and friday look more promising, in terms of rain, as well as the weekend. good morning, santa rosa, fog and 39, and napa at 39, and 47 by the delta livermore and 50 in hayward and los gatos and 42. we are starting out with a few clouds around, and that is keeping the temperatures up in san francisco and oakland, and 51 in oakland, and 48 in san carlos and 47 in san jose. it was really cold yesterday morning and we were so warm in the afternoon. today, changes come in with cooler afternoon highs, and a few more clouds in the sea breezes, well, the sea breeze should pick up by the afternoon, a lot like yesterday. so, with a little bit of fog this morning, we are looking at some of the visibility reduced in napa and santa rosa, and talking about partly cloudy and cooler this afternoon, with a better chance of rain toward the end of the week. santa rosa is quarter-mile visibility, and four miles in napa and the rest of the bay is fine but we are warming this morning than yesterday. in fact, we are six degrees warmer in oakland and two degrees warmer in san jose. high pressure is still holdi
up toward santa rosa and cloverdale. live doppler 7hd picking up no moisture. there is no rain expected for at least 24 to 36 hours. we could see a few changes into the latter part of the workweek. san francisco 49 and half moon bay is is 45 degrees. our chance for some showers this week are dwindling right now. we will look at the forecast coming up. >> thank you so much. >> family and friends in santa rosa said goodbye to a 14-year-old boy killed in a tragic racing accident. 1200 people packed the santa rosa bible search for the memorial service for marcus johnson. the crowd over flowed to other areas of the church. gina johnson had the strength to say goodbye to her boy who was taken from her in an instant. >> forever we will feel the warmth of your smile, marcus, your heart felt embrace, the magic in your eyes and the gentleness of your soul. >> marcus was killed when he was hit by a sprint car driven by his cousin, chase, march 16th at the race way park. the 68-year-old race way sponsor was also killed. a fund was set up in his name. a portion will go to low income student
will look at the rainfall totals here, half an inch in santa rosa. .14 san francisco and .20 in mountain view and .10 in concord. as you check out the view from the high definition sutro camera this is what you may be facing in the morning. it is fog and it will create poor visibility in spots. the rest of your forecast and when you might need the umbrellas again. >> see you shortly. we now know the names of the marines killed at the that hawthorne army depot. it is rajer mushnick josh taylor of ohio and mason vaderwork and william wild the fourth from baltimore. they range in age from 19 to 26 years old. eight others were hurt in the explosion that happened during a training exercise. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the shell to explode in its firing tube. >>> a man ended up in jail after confronting sheriff deputies with of all things a sharpened deer antler. they arrested him on whit tau customer bluff road. somebody called the sheriff saying he had broken windows on the trailer with the antler. he surrendered after spending an hour in the trailer. he is charged wit
in santa rosa. .14 san francisco and .20 in mountain view and .10 in concord. as you check out the view from the high definition sutro camera this is what you may be facing in the morning. it is fog and it will create poor visibility in spots. the rest of your forecast and when you might need the umbrellas again. >> see you shortly. we now know the names of the marines killed at the that hawthorne army depot. it is rajer mushnick josh taylor of ohio and mason vaderwork and william wild the fourth from baltimore. they range in age from 19 to 26 years old. eight others were hurt in the explosion that happened during a training exercise. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the shell to explode in its firing tube. >>> a man ended up in jail after confronting sheriff deputies with of all things a sharpened deer antler. they arrested him on whit tau customer bluff road. somebody called the sheriff saying he had broken windows on the trailer with the antler. he surrendered after spending an hour in the trailer. he is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. that was a deer's a
in santa rosa. 45 in fairfield. 51 degrees in hayward. here is a look what is coming. clear and gusty in the morning. sunny and mild and pattern holds right through the weekend. with the windy conditions to develop tomorrow, some of you suffering from allergies wondering what the pollen count. tree pollen running high and grasses and mold running low. you probably already know this if you suffer from allergies. worst part is the winds. high pressure is going to bring us the dry offshore winds. gusty wind pattern will develop and that is why we're looking at strong winds developing. i want to show you, oranges and pinks indicating the strongest winds and light or blue colors are the weaker winds. around midnight, gusty winds and also developing around fairfield 36 miles an hour. wind speeds pick up. as we head into 7:00 a.m., 43 mile-an-hour wind gusts. san rafael about 30 miles an hour. strongest winds, napa 31. right around the delta, north bay mountains, watch out for the winds. they start to drop off around 11:00 in the morning. speaking of the morning, its clear start but a windy
, mid to upper 30s. kids have games or early morning plans, 38 degrees in santa rosa. low 40s for vallejo and san mateo and oakland. san jose, 42. 42 degrees in half moon bay. us a check out the highs for your saturday, you will be right around, if not slightly higher than where you should be. i don't think too many people are complaining. 68 in santa cruz. 70 degrees in cupertino. on the peninsula, it's going to be a mix of sun and high cloudiness, 64 in millbrae. mid to upper 50s along the coast and we're not expecting any fog tomorrow, 55 in half moon bay. coming up by a couple of degrees. daly city, 56 degrees. 62 in downtown san francisco. as we look at the north bay communities, 69 in santa rosa and getting up to 70 degrees in napa. stinson beach, 67. east bay, mid to upper 60s is where we'll end up. 67 in newark. inland communities, you see the high clouds pretty much see them here, 70 in san ramon, livermore. 71 degrees in fairfield. accu-weather seven-day forecast, if you are really watching for the weekend, low 70s for saturday and a little warmer on sunday away from
to seven degrees but half moon bay is two degrees cooler. santa rosa and novato is the coolest, and san francisco is sharing the temperature with concord and hayward at 49 and 48 in fremont and half moon bay. 47 in antioch and livermore and san jose. temperatures are cooler but dry this morning. we will hang out in the mid-40's to 50 through 7:00. notice the coast, stuck in the low-to-mid 50's spiking in the upper 50's for an hour this afternoon. we will be near 60 at noon around the bay and you will notice the breezes this afternoon and temperatures are in the low-to-mid 60's. sue? >> so far, a good ride from east bay to the peninsula on the san mateo bridge, tail lights making the turn to the high-rise a few brake lights but other than that you are looking at 14-minute drive from hayward toward san mateo. good looking commute at this time. otherwise, we will check out road work still in the lanes on the peninsula, south 101 the embarcardero to shoreline picked up shortly and checking the drive out of the antioch area looking sluggish and eastbound we still have road work between hillc
in santa rosa to five degrees in concord and oakland and 15 in san francisco and eight degrees warmer than yesterday in fremont and san jose. temperatures right now when you step out, 41 in palo alto and petaluma are the cooler spots and santa clara and pleasanton and american canyon the coast at 39 and 52 in fairfield and the financial district is 50. 42 in saratoga and richmond is at 48 and walnut creek is 45. today, most of us in the low-to-mid 40's through 7:00 and the coast is stuck in the 50's while we hit the low-to-mid 50's at noon around the bay and inland and upper 60's to 70 at 6:00, and 7:00 still in the low sits. tomorrow, almost as warm as today and not quite so breezy and our warm of the day is sunday with temperatures well above average away from the coast. sue? >> big trouble both issues sig-alerts. we will go to a shot of san jose southbound 280, we have three right lanes blocked, a fatal accident, you can see c.h.p. is on the scene directing the left lane only getting by, with cones and flares out. the coroner is on the scene. it will be some time before this is cleared.
is in mourning after a fatal race car accident. this is video of lst nights scene. a 14 year old santa rosa boy was one of two people killed when a race car sped out of control during a warmup lap on a race track in yuba county and crashed into the pit area. adding to the tragedy.the driver was the boy's older cousin. kron 4's jeff bush is live at a memorial that's sprung up at petaluma high school. jeff? kron4's maureen kelly continues our team coverage and has uncovered new information about the victim.and the driver. 14 year old marcus johnson.known by the nickname m-j was a lifelong racer.starting with smaller vehicles like go karts.since he was five years you can see him posing with a trophy in this snapshot here..alongside his older cousin chase.who you see on the right hand side of the screen. that young 17.was behind the wheel during saturday's fatal crash. chase johnson has also been a competitive racer since a young age.his website reveals that he comes from 4 generations of race car drivers.the 17 year old lives in penngrove.a town outside petaluma..some of the cham
. it will be a cool start. 36 degrees in napa. 38 in santa rosa. 39 degrees in livermore, concord. 41 in vallejo. 43 in san mateo. clear skies, you get good cooling taking place and temperatures drop. it's not that windy and breezy over the higher terrain. 70 in the south bay tomorrow afternoon. 69 in sunnyvale. 73 degrees in gilroy. 66 in redwood city. mid to upper 50s near the coastline. half moon bay, 58 degrees. if you don't like it too mild, just head to daly city or sunset district, mid to upper 50s. downtown san francisco, low 60s. north bay communities, a little breezy at times. 66 in petaluma. clearlake, upper 60s around santa rosa and sonoma. the napa, 70 degrees. east bay, sun, high clouds, just a beautiful day, 67. newark, san leandro, 68 in oakland. 70 degrees in concord. here is a look at accu-weather seven-day forecast, we're going bump up the numbers a few degrees on sunday. certainly more sun around. slight dip in the temperatures monday, a little cooler on tuesday. we're going to go with a slim chance of a few showers on wednesday, but it's better likelihood by the end of the workw
shot from the high definition east bay cam. highs today, warm nicely, near 70 for santa rosa, oakland, concord, livermore, 68, and the shot from the high definition rooftop cam, the bay bridge here and the embarcadero. a few clouds overhead. more current readings for you, santa rosa, 46. hayward, clear sky, 52. hoarse the forecast highlights. high clouds will be moving in and out of the bay area overnight. it will be a cool night. mostly sunny and mild for now jesus afternoon, and then we'll see showers move in here as we head into the middle part of next week, here's a look at the lows, north bay, and east bay locations, protected valley areas. that's where the coldest numbers will be. so santa rosa, 39. 39 for livermore, the closer to the bay, the peninsula, and the coast, temperatures moderate in the mid-to-low 40s. pacific satellite showing you high pressure off the coast. these are some of the high clouds that this high is just going to have to drift over the bay area. so, tomorrow much like today, high stays put. so patchy high clouds, plenty of sunshine. a little warmer tomorro
will be in spring. we have a dry deficit for the year, near 6.5" in santa rosa, and 5.5" deficit in san francisco and oakland and 3.5" in livermore. today we just have spotty sprinkles, mostly cloudy this morning with temperatures in the up if per 40's near 50 and hanging in the 50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's at noon with thicker clouds and the sprinkles develop in the afternoon and become more organized in the form of light rain during the evening hours but it will be very, very light. temperatures will be mild as the wins come from the south and southwest and near 60 in the evening away from the coast. tomorrow, we will have rain in the morning and it will be spotty in the afternoon and mid-50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us and 70's in the forecast with breezy and increasing sunshine and thursday the 70's inland but we will be close to 70's around the bay by friday, also. sue? >> good morning, mike, hello everyone, we have good looking commute if you travel san jose, northbound, 87, beyond the h.p. pavilion the off-ramp, we are here and traffic is very, very light.
now you santa rosa 53 degrees. livermore 55. here is a look at what is coming. we will continue with the clouds, fog and spotty drizzle tonight. sunny and windy tomorrow. mild inland as we head towards the weekend. cool conditions remain near the coastline. here is the cold front that has been responsible for not only the showers but the drizzle we have been seeing tonight. and that is pretty much moving out of the picture. but we will see the drizzle fading overnight tonight. like i said, still low level moisture. here is 11:00 p.m. tonight. san jose down towards the suze mountains still a little bit of green showing up and then lingering clouds for 5:00 a.m. with fog around and it will be dense in pockets so watch out for that. temperatures upper 30s to the the upper 40s. coolest locations in the inland valleys where you will see some clearing by morning. tomorrow afternoon, sunshine. breezy. south bay 64. san jose 63 in sunnyvale. santa cruz 65 degrees on the peninsula. 61 san mateo. 62 redwood city. you will feel the wind coming through the gap. sfo gusty winds. 54 pacifica.
right now in santa rosa and napa. the next couple hours we will have some cool 30s. otherwise mainly in the 40s to near 50 by san francisco. by the afternoon it will get breezy at the coast in the high 50s but the high temperatures will range into the lower 70s. once again mild to warm around the bay. through the evening hours with breeze city winds in the high elevations we are staying clear. it looks to be another mild night. how long can this pattern last? it is the first weekend of spring. i'll detail the rest of the weekend, the look ahead coming up. katie. >> thanks, lisa. and we want to take you back to the breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. abc7 news reporter kira klapper is live at the scene of a nightclub shooting in san francisco. three people were shot. kira, how serious are the injuries? >> katie, one of the victims is in serious condition, critical condition, rather. two victims have none life-threatening injuries. they are all being treated at the hospital. let's get you to the video right after the shooting just about 1:15 this morning at 330 rich ni
until the full moon out there. so it's pretty clear and nice. 41 santa rosa, 40 napa. good morning, fairfield. 44 for you. down to 39 in livermore and 46 in hayward. another vantage point from our roof camera. and it has been pretty quiet with not much change over the past several days. even several weeks. it looks like certainly things changing in the next couple of days. in fact, as we all get ready for maybe spring break or easter, it could be wet into the upcoming weekend. 15 oakland, 46 san carlos with 36 in half moon bay. we really need any rain we could get. this morning we are clear and cool. a few patches of fog by half moon bay. numbers chilly there in the 30s. we are looking at just a couple hundred feet of some of the low cloudiness. that will bring more sunshine this afternoon. but we are looking at occasional high clouds and the rain chances increase by the end of the week. so high pressure has remained off the coast and there is a couple weak systems that will drop down from the north. but i noted before, i'm not going to make much headway except for increasing cloud
from 500 to 6000 feet. numbers are mild. 45 in santa rosa with 51 fairfield. big time warming since your mid-30s this morning. 51 in los gatos, with 52 along the east bay. here's a look how blue the sky is in san francisco. so that's why we are at a mild 50 degrees with already things getting underway, shaping up to be a nice afternoon. 50 at the san carlos airport with upper 40s in san jose. half moon bay has warmed up significantly, as well. still with some visibility issues there. 43 in santa cruz. so enjoy today. we've had sort of deja vu over and over with the sunny skies, the mild temperatures. but we are looking at changes coming our way. in fact, the changes come as soon as later on today when the sea breeze kicks up. that will bring more in the way of stratus. right now you can see three mile visibility at half moon bay. everyone else doing just fine. you may have noticed how cool it was this morning in parts of the bay. 24 hours ago we were warmer than we are right now. we are experiencing that cooling from half moon bay, the airport down through mountain view and the live
the western part especially. santa rosa right now 50 degrees. 52 in livermore. here's what is coming. cloudy tonight. few sprinkle still possible. rain tuesday night going into wednesday and spring arrives wednesday morning at 4:02. here's pacific satellite picture and you can see here's the storm. just over the pacific right now but we are seeing plenty of high clouds cover before the rain and even few sprinkles in some sports is a just mentioned. show you the computer animation tonight a lot of cloud cover and then at 5:00 a.m. clouds start to break up a little bit. we get a little gap in the clouds but then it quickly changes as you will notice. rain arrives for the start of the evening rush hour tuesday at 5:00 p.m. rain continues really as we head into our overnight hours wednesday morning at 5:00 a.m. we will have a good portion of the bay area covered in wet weather. rain will continue at noon time around the heart of the bay area wednesday and then the showers pretty much taper quickly behind he it. >> through 11:00 p.m. wednesday we look at in terms of rain fall up
light returns. so this is how much has fallen so far. under a 10th of an inch in santa rosa. mountain view, .17. oakland, san jose, .09 of an inch and about .07 is in concord. i will let you know if you are going to need the rain gear for the start of spring which is by the way tomorrow morning at 4:02. carolyn? >> thank you. a san jose police officer who killed a man also shot a suspected it murderer in november. police say officer bruce shot a man after officers confrontedded him in a stolen car last night. they say the driver tried to run down the officer so he opened fire. sky 7hd shows where it happened. last november officer bath -- bartholemew shot a man after a shootout that injured another officer. >>> it is make or break time for the city of santa clara. the city council vote owed whether to move forward with the attempt to host the superbowl 2016 or 2017. it would be exciting and expensive. lisa amin gulezian is live to explain what happened. lisa? >> the city council voted to move forward with its bid for the super bowl. >> santa clara is going all out to woo the nfl in th
a few 40s in santa rosa. 39 in napa. with 48 in fairfield. mid 40s for livermore and hayward. you bumped up considerably. 6 degrees since the last hour. 45 in los gatos. this view shows that the coast is certainly clear, but we will have those breezy winds again. 49 san francisco, 46 in san carlos, 48 in half moon bay and 39 right now in santa cruz. spots around the bay will be chilly the next couple of hours. as we get into the afternoon that northwest wind, 15-20 miles an hour. keeping us cool at our beaches but otherwise we are sunny and mild for the rest of the weekend with rain chances are still in the 7 day outlook but been pushed back to the midday time frame. this morning with the clear sky, north wind, the lower dew points has allowed for much cooler temperatures. as much as 7 degrees colder in napa this morning. airport coming in 3 degrees cooler and san jose, as well. we will be warmer today order in san jose by a couple of degrees. high pressure sits offshore continues to build into california, it keeps the storm track to the north. it allow forces the north-northwest winds a
tomorrow. the temperatures will drop and santa rosa 68, and 69 cal law calistoga. oakland tomorrow, increasing high clouds throughout the day. 67 degrees there. union city 65. and interior east bay, you will look for a mixture of sun and clouds and 70 for brentwood and 69 con card and -- concord. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, dry day on monday. increasing clouds on tuesday. showers developing on tuesday afternoon. it looks wet on tuesday and wednesday. cooler on wednesday, the first day of spring. and then we will warm things up on friday, saturday and sunday. the temperatures inland in the 70s to near 80 degrees. abc7 news has a great weather resource for you. follow at live doppler 7hd for the latest conditions. plus get video forecasts and the power outages and information and weather tweets from your famous weather team. 4:30 to 7:00 mike will be here with updates. >> tracking that latest system coming in. thanks, leigh. >>> let's turn our attention now to sports. and base bay you will is back in san francisco to -- and baseball is back in san francisco. >> yes, the world
moon bay. right now the cool numbers by the delta. 38 for you. good morning, santa rosa. 41 there. 40 napa. mid-40s for hayward and 49 los gatos. elsewhere around the bay it should start out on the cool side but not as cool as it could be. oakland 49. 46 around the can as a result lows airport with mid-40s san jose. half moon bay dropping into the upper 30s. santa cruz today should warm once again into the 70s. right now lower 40s. clear and cool this morning. fog along the coast and occasional high clouds. but overall mostly sunny sky and rain chances increase by the end of the week. it could include next weekend which, of course, is easter. we are looking at a few weak systems that will allow for the high to eventually slide to the east. as it does it will bring us not only a few higher clouds, but the flow which has been very light and the sea breeze pretty much absent except right at the coast will increase in the days ahead. so by tuesday and tuesday night, our first system could bring us few light showers but more likely will stay dry. it will be cloudy and we are going to wait
rosa. the wind's are pretty calm for the brest of the bay area of they will die down into the evening outfit it will be breezy. temperatures in the upper 60s low seventies. >> cupertino 70 degrees. 67 for milpitas. could see 70 in fairfield, pittsburgh, then bill barrett 69 in vallejo. 66 in san leandro. we will be milder around the city 65 degrees. 70 in petaluma. upper 50s and ocean beach. satellite and radar shows high pressure builds back into the picture. , conditions for the next couple of days even starting the next work week. we do have wet weather on the way wednesday and thursday. cloudy conditions and 20 to 30 percent chance. keep your umbrella heavy spring showers are back into the forecast. >> 4:16 let us check in with the janu with a hot spot. >> currently in the south bay a sig alert has been issued for fell accident south bound to a blocking 2 lanes. the emergency crews are on the scene. we will track the incident for you. onto the bridge check spirit to a gala the bay bridge. light traffic. >> the san mateo light traffic 11 minutes drive time on to the golden gate bri
?t be the same without marcus. reporting in santa rosa, j.r. stone kron 4 news. this wednesday toll takers will be gone from the golden gate bridge. kron4's charles clifford has everything you need to know for the change over. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge has 6 lanes of traffic. the number of lanes travelling in each direction on the bridge changes throughout the day based on traffic flows. at the toll plaza, which is on the southern end of the bridge, there are 11 eleven toll lanes. only cars traveling south into san francisco have to pay tolls...northbound travel is free. currently, at the toll plaza, the southbound lanes on the left are fastrak only, the rest accept fastrak or cash, via toll takers. the number of each type of toll lane varies depending on how the bridge lanes are configured. but after the conversion to all electronic tolling all of the of the toll lanes will function in the same way. every lane will become an electronic toll lane and there will no longer be toll takers accepting cash. fastrak will continue to work at all of the lanes and for drivers who don't hav
all the way from sonoma down to santa rosa. the next couple of days, temperatures stay nice and comfortable. we'll hit the 70s by sunday. >> and that is your latest forecast. natalie? ♪ >>> dylan, thank you. this morning on "today's style" "shape" magazine, bahar, good morning, i'm looking at the brightly colored beautiful pumps. >> so much fun. >> tell us about these heels. >> every woman should have a pair of nude pumps for work but this spring add some color, the bolder the better. these are from boutique nine, a great way to update your style in seconds. >> i love them. these are perfect for going out at night as well. >> exactly. you want to show some skin at night, best way with a great strappy heel, i love the metallic detailing, great way to add instant sex appeal to your outfit. >> let's move on to the more casual, heading out on a spring break trip. perfect to pack in your bag in your suitcase. >> you cannot go wrong with a great pair of flip flops, these are from tikees. they're leather and simple and come in fun colors. >> and wedges are good for comfort. >> so
santa rosa again and that area. we will have more scattered showers throughout the forecast, especially this morning and into the early afternoon. it will be dry tonight and all the way through the rest of the forecast and remain warmer, >>> when you're this sexy, thi >>> when you're this sexy, this cool, this talented where do you go for your first interview after announcing you're going to have your first baby? >> good morning, america. >> tomorrow. >> you know i love me some "gma." >> fergie gets personal and shows you how to look sexy and beautiful too. >> time to get glamorous with me on "good morning america." >> tomorrow on abc. >>> we love ourselves some fergie. a match made in heaven. she's again joining us live right here tomorrow, the mom-to-be doing makeovers, by the way, on some very lucky viewers. and one of those -- one of them could be you if you show up here tomorrow morning. >> wow. >> provided weather permitting, samuel, so -- >> lovely. >> as we look ahead to tomorrow, what a day that will be. george and robin, some hard-earned day off. great to have amy and paula. >
levels. and yet currently at 52 degrees. 46 in oakland, 42 santa rosa. future cast force of warming will occur in relatively early, 60s for practically everyone by lunchtime. we now injured as the opportunity for yellow indicating '70s by 2:00 p.m.. the suns and go round. breezy did conditions will keep browstay are around. by 8:, temperatures in the '50s. in terms of the afternoon, upper 60s and the south bay. 68 high in santa clara, could reach 70 in fair fell walnut creek in danville. 66 hayward, mid-60s downtown san francisco, upper 60s and napa up. satellite and radar sure is clear, dry, quite conditions around the bay area but firm pressure and control. we will see temperatures rise a few degrees into the weekend, it will feel like springtime. temperatures will be in the '70s. we will end to it as cloud cover ahead of a new storm system headed our way. spring showers are expected wednesday into thursday. if you want more on your bay area weather forecast you can send into our 247 bay area news and weather channel, has 193. you can also get the latest weather and traffic headli
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